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Repeat After Me by Rebecca K. Sampson [Ebook]

Repeat After Me by Rebecca K. Sampson [Ebook]

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Zebras can't change their stripes. It's a good thing you are not a zebra.

This is not a boring self-help book hidden in a pretty package. Repeat After Me is your sassy guide to changing your life by honing in your identity through the power of affirmations. It’s time to be the badass affirmation feminist you were meant to be.

If you want your personal development books to be prim and proper, have no curse words, and give shallow advice–this is not the book for you.

If you want honest reflections, tried and true advice, and not-boring affirmations–you are in the right place.

Repeat After Me: How to Change Your Life in 1,111 Affirmations or Less covers positive affirmations and topics in:

  • money, wealth, abundance, finances
  • confidence, sexiness, self-worth
  • healing, physical health, mental health
  • gratitude, change, personal growth
  • career, business, entrepreneurship
  • motherhood, parenting
  • magic, witchcraft, timeline jumping

It includes the author's own personal affirmations, like her favorite "I have a fat ass and a fat bank account." This is not a book filled with affirmations and quotes you could have Googled.

Simply put, this is the only affirmation book you need and you will read it again and again. Not only for the affirmations to help you tool your ideal identity and who you were meant to be, but also for the exercises within that will help you regulate your nervous system, hone in on gratitude, and take life by the balls.

Rewire your brain with the power of positive affirmations for women. Prove to yourself that you are a badass, just like you always thought you were. Don’t you owe yourself that?

Change your stripes with Repeat After Me.

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