Collection: Book: The Courting of Kingdoms by R. K. Sampson

Lightlark meets The Selection romantasy love triangle where thirty women compete to break the curse, marry the prince, and save their kingdom.

In the cursed kingdom of Riversend, age stands still. While the young stay youthful, it’s a twisted immortality where the dead remain conscious forever in the Deadlands. Children never mature, the ill never heal, and no one can move on.

The only hope to break this millennium-old curse is an ancient prophecy.

In a desperate move, the palace hosts a brutal competition where thirty women who meet the prophecy’s criteria must work together to save them all. The prize? The honor of marrying Prince Reignold, second in line to the throne.

For Madeline, just surviving the vicious trials and going back to her simple life, is enough.

But as the competition heats up and betrayals emerge, Madeline fears her heart may damn them all. Can she conquer her feelings for both of the princes, unravel the truth of the prophecy, and escape the grip of the curse that’s doomed them all before it’s too late?

Book: The Courting of Kingdoms by R. K. Sampson