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Blaze by Rachel H. Drake [Paperback]

Blaze by Rachel H. Drake [Paperback]

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Blaze is an energy vampire and chaos demon steamy romance with lots of spice. You will enjoy this series if you like happily ever afters (HEA), praise/good boy, degradation, touch him and die, and crime lord families with depictions of dark themes. The content in this book is intended for mature audiences.

  • Tropes & Kinks: Degradation, good boy instead of good girl trope, alpha female, crime lord family that is similar to mafia vibes, a dark paranormal romance
  • Potential Triggers: Murder, death, sexual content, manipulation by family members, energy vampires feeding in a way that can be similar to drinking or drug addiction
  • Book Reading Order: Books in the Creature Cravings series can be read in any order.

The Blurb:

As an energy vampire, healthy relationships don’t come naturally to me and love is the last thing I want.

But when a demon named Asher comes into my life and asks for my help, I find myself doing things I wouldn’t have imagined to keep him safe.

I never thought of myself as a hero. But a villain? That I can get behind. Asher broke down my walls and I’d do anything to make sure his family doesn’t hurt him ever again.

They wanted a cut-throat son. They got his lover instead.

And they will pay for what they did.

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