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Ember Dragon Daughter by R. K. Sampson, TFTS #1 [Paperback]

Ember Dragon Daughter by R. K. Sampson, TFTS #1 [Paperback]

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About Ember Dragon Daughter, Book 1:

Ember Dragon Daughter is book one of the Fated Tales series. It is a story of fate, mystery, and instalove fueled by magic. This series covers topics such as inclusion, LGBTQ+ characters, adoption, true love, responsibility, and loving and accepting yourself.

Content in the Fated Tales series may be triggering for some readers. Ember Dragon Daughter features the following potential triggers:

  • A magical system that creates an unavoidable and magically-induced love at first sight
  • Depictions and threats of murder
  • Family death
  • Rejection by a biological parent
  • Depictions of a magically-induced mental illness and harm coming to people with this illness
  • Kidnapping of a minor and an adult and forced isolation

The Blurb:

Ember has spent her whole life running, keeping herself and her secrets isolated—just like her moms would have wanted. Ember doesn't want that anymore.

In a world where true love is promised and dragons have gone missing, a mysterious fateless plague that leaves citizens crazed and loveless threatens the enclosed kingdom of Ashkadance.

When Ember is thrust into a dangerous new world, she will uncover truths tied to the plague, the death of her moms, the royal family, and more—changing everything she's ever known.

Now that she has her fated mate and her secrets are revealed (and celebrated, to her surprise), will she risk all that she has gained to accept her destiny? Or will she rebel against it?

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