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Haunt by Rachel H. Drake [Audiobook]

Haunt by Rachel H. Drake [Audiobook]

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A Ghost & Human Romance

Narrated by Marissa Morreale. Audiobook length: 3 hours, 36 minutes.

Haunt is a ghost/invisible man romance, it is not a suspenseful read. You will enjoy this series if you like happily ever afters (HEA), breeder trope, pregnancy, paranormal spicy books, and possessive men.

Tropes & Kinks: Pregnancy, Breeder, Sex Rituals, Exhibitionist

Potential Triggers: Discussion of the murder of a family (including a child, not depicted). Confrontation of an emotionally abusive family member (one verbal, one physical confrontation). Consent given for sex but not for a sex ritual.

About Haunt:

"Imagine Casper all grown up and hotter than ever."

My ghost has been my protector and friend for as long as I can remember. But recently, our relationship has changed. He grows stronger each time he touches me and feeds off of our physical chemistry. I want him, but he is a ghost, and I am very much alive. How can this work?

Now I'm finding out there is more to our relationship. Something has connected him to me and my family in the afterlife. Can I use this connection to bring him back? Though he has never scared me, this does. I’m afraid of how I feel and even more fearful of what I’d do to keep him with me, forever.

WHAT READERS CAN EXPECT: Haunt is the first book in an interconnected standalone paranormal romance series. Books in this series can be read in any order, depending on your craving.

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