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Only by Rachel H. Drake [Paperback]

Only by Rachel H. Drake [Paperback]

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About Only:

Only is a spicy guardian angel forbidden romance, following a male angel POV. This is a novella set in the Creature Cravings series, where every paranormal romance gets a happy ever after. Books in this series can be read in any order. Full content guide is available on the author’s website.

Tropes & Kinks: Forbidden romance, squirting, and a virgin male main character with sensitive wings.

Potential Triggers: Murder committed without remorse by both side characters and main characters. A dangerous stalker subplot with implications that this character would have disregarded consent and has in the past. Discussions of leaving a system that was created to help people, but was missing the mark.

Book Reading Order: Books in the Creature Cravings series can be read in any order.

The Blurb:

Nothing can keep me from her, not even the heavens themselves.

I've watched over countless humans from the shadows, a guardian angel sworn to protect them from afar. But when I laid eyes on Astoria, everything changed. Her captivating soul and heart of gold drew me in like no other.

As I sensed a dangerous stalker closing in on her, I knew I had to intervene, even if it meant breaking the sacred laws that bound me. I revealed myself to Astoria, knowing the risks, but unable to resist the pull of our forbidden love.

Now, with the council of angels looming over us, ready to enforce the ultimate punishment, I face an impossible choice: obey the rules and lose Astoria forever, or risk everything to keep her safe.

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